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Who We are?

Dairy berry is a network to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability of dairy farming in Pakistan.
Dairy berry founded in 2019, does imports and provide farmers with modern technological equipment for dairy farms
Dairy berry is a well established trading company. We engage in diversified entrepreneurial activities include imports, sales, services, spare parts of dairy and agricultural machinery. Dairy berry business segments are run and manage by competent, motivated and competent team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced managerial and technical personale at all level

CEO - Message

We will open the doors to a healthier and more abundant tomorrow…

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In this realm of an impetuously changing world, survival in business must never be taken for granted. Our vision of the future must be lucid to allow anticipation of and response to new opportunities.

Our vision is to make Pakistan better in the dairy field.

Thank you

Dairy Berry CEO Choudhry Shafiq Ahmad

Dairy Berrry Mission

Dairy Berry empower farmers with the insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of every farm.

Dairy Berry Vision

We strive to secure dairy farming’s future by advanced technology every farm enabling smarter production,more sustainable practices and more successful farmers.